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 Sniper: Reloaded 狙击精英:重装上阵

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PostSubject: Sniper: Reloaded 狙击精英:重装上阵   Wed Apr 20, 2011 2:43 am

Sniper: Reloaded is a 2011 action film and a continuation of the Sniper film series. Filming took place in South Africa in 2010 for a 2011 release.

While working with the UN Forces in the Democratic Republic of the Congo, Marine Sgt. Brandon Beckett (Chad Michael Collins), son of renowned sniper Thomas Beckett, receives orders to rescue a European farmer trapped in the middle of hostile rebel territory. When he and his men arrive at the farm, a mysterious sniper ambushes them, wounding Beckett and killing everyone else. With the help of his father’s former protégé, sniper instructor Richard Miller (Billy Zane), Beckett must learn to think like a sniper to track down the assassin before the sniper returns to finish the job.


Billy Zane as Richard Miller. Zane returns to the role he played in the first film.
Chad Michael Collins as Sgt Brandon Beckett, Thomas Beckett's son
Richard Sammel as Col. Hans Jaeger
Patrick Lyster as Martin Chandler
Annabel Wright as Lieutenant Ellen Abramowitz
Kayla Privett
Justin Strydom as Vincent "The Italian" Masiello

【影片原名】Sniper: Reloaded
【出品公司】Stage 6 Films
【影片级别】USA:R (certificate #46234) | Australia:MA (2011) | Canada:14A (Ontario) | Singapore:M18
【国  家】南非
【类  别】动作/剧情/惊悚/战争
【视频尺寸】1024 x 560
【影片长度】91 Mins
【导  演】Claudio Fah
【主  演】比利·赞恩 Billy Zane ....Richard Miller
      Patrick Lyster ....Martin Chandler
      理查德·塞梅尔 Richard Sammel ....Col. Hans Jaeger
      Chad Collins ....Sgt Brandon Beckett
      Conrad Kemp ....Dustin Nelson
      Annabel Wright ....Lieutenant Ellen Abramowitz
      Kayla Privett ....Kelli Van Brunt
      Ian Van Der Heyden ....Patrick Mundy


  与联合国部队在刚果民主共和国一同执行维和任务的美国海军中士布兰登·贝克特,是著名狙击手托马斯·贝克特的儿子,接受了一项任务,拯救在敌对叛军版图中部被困的欧洲农民。当他和他的部下到达农场时,一个神秘的狙击手伏击了他们,打伤了贝克特并杀害了其他人。随后,在他父亲的前弟子、狙击手教练理查德·米勒(比利·赞恩 饰)的帮助下,贝克特必须学会狙击手的一切技能,追击凶手,完成这项狙击任务…


www.dy2018.com]狙击精英:重装上阵BD中英双字.rmvb" target="_blank" rel="nofollow">ftp://dygod1:dygod1@d085.dygod.org:1024/狙击精英:重装上阵.[中英双字.1024分辨率]/[电影天堂www.dy2018.com]狙击精英:重装上阵BD中英双字.rmvb

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Sniper: Reloaded 狙击精英:重装上阵
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