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 Leighton Meester (Gossip Girl): The Roommate

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PostSubject: Leighton Meester (Gossip Girl): The Roommate   Sat Apr 23, 2011 6:15 am

The Roommate is a 2011 thriller film directed by Christian E. Christiansen and starring Minka Kelly, Leighton Meester, Daneel Harris, Matt Lanter, Sharon Leal, Katerina Graham, Nina Dobrev, and Alyson Michalka. It was theatrically released on February 4, 2011.

Sara Matthews (Minka Kelly) is starting her freshman year of college at ULA. Upon arrival, she meets Tracy Morgan (Alyson Michalka), an avid party-goer, and Stephen Morterelli (Cam Gigandet), a drummer who plays in a band for a fraternity who later begins to date Sara. After a party at Stephen's fraternity house that lands Tracy drunk, Sara arrives back at her dorm late at night and meets Rebecca Evans (Leighton Meester), her new roommate, whose parents live only 20 minutes away and who is great at drawing portraits of people.
Initially, the girls begin to bond very well as Rebecca learns more about Sara's life. Sara had an older sister, Emily, who died when Sara was nine. She keeps a necklace that belonged to Emily as well as her sister's name tattooed on her chest. She also has an ex-boyfriend, Jason (Matt Lanter), who keeps calling her to try to get back together with her. The history behind their breakup is that Jason and Sara agreed to both go to Brown University or not, and when only Sara got a spot, she declined it and chose ULA. However, when Jason got accepted to Brown at the last minute, he accepted to go without Sara, reneging on their agreement. Against dorm regulations, the two girls secretly adopt a stray kitten which Sara found.
As time goes on, though, Rebecca begins to become more obsessed with spending time with Sara and wants to have her all to herself. She is willing to keep at bay anyone who wronged Sara or who she thinks is stealing Sara away from her. This is evident in multiple scenarios:
– Tracy's avid party-going takes a turn for the worse when she invites Sara to a dance/bar club but leaves her there, who eventually calls Rebecca for a ride. Later, one night, Rebecca jumps Tracy in the shower and threatens to kill her unless Tracy stays away from Sara (she even pries Tracy's belly ring from her bellybutton). This leads Tracy, now fearful, to move to another dorm.
– When Sara's philandering interior design professor (Billy Zane) makes a pass at her in private, Rebecca goes into his office and tempts him to make a pass at her, while recording their dialogue on a tape recorder to make it look like he was hitting on her. Sara, oblivious to what Rebecca has done, is surprised to find out the next day in class that she has a new professor, Chanel DuBouis (Sharon Leal).
– When Sara leaves her phone in her room one time to go out on a date with Stephen, Rebecca hears it ring and answers only to find it is Jason on the other end. Impersonating Sara, she tells Jason threateningly over the phone never to call her (Sara) again. For several weeks afterwards, Jason does not call Sara, much to the latter's amazement.
– When Irene (Danneel Harris), one of Sara's friends who already has her own fashion design, invites her to move in to her place so she can keep their stray cat, Rebecca kills the kitten by putting it in a laundry room dryer and pretends that it had run away. When Stephen even invites Sara to spend Thanksgiving with him, Rebecca beats herself up and cuts herself with a knife to look like she went looking for the cat but was assaulted by a street thug. Sara, feeling bad for Rebecca, decides to decline spending Thanksgiving with Stephen and, instead, spend time with her at her parents' place.
Rebecca's folks (Frances Fisher and Tomas Arana) are delighted and surprised to see their daughter, who didn't announce that Sara was coming. During her stay, Sara overhears a conversation between Rebecca and her father; apparently Rebecca has had a troubled past with making friends. Later, her mother, in a conversation with Sara, hints at medication that Rebecca is supposed to be taking. When the girls go out to a coffee shop, they bump into a girl, Maria (Nina Dobrev), who was acquainted with Rebecca from high school and is on some of Rebecca's portrait drawings. Maria tells Rebecca with unease, "We were never friends."
After Thanksgiving break, Sara learns that Irene has returned from a fashion tour. When Rebecca goes to Irene's studio, Sara and Stephen find from her drawers a bottle of pills of Zyprexa, which is used to treat schizophrenia and bipolar disorder, but, as the bottle is full, she has never been taking them. Later, they also find one of Rebecca's books in which she has handdrawn portrait sketches of Sara, just like the ones of Maria. The implication is that Maria was once a 'best friend' that Rebecca has obsessed over, but now Sara has taken her place.
At the studio, Rebecca and Irene meet, the latter unaware that Rebecca is roommates with Sara. Irene, who is somewhat attracted to girls, shares a romantic moment with Rebecca, and the two go back to Irene's place. Finally, Rebecca draws the last straw when she gets a tattoo which she reveals is identical to Sara's with her sister's name. Emotionally shocked, Sara runs off. She packs some of her things, with the exception of her sister Emily's necklace that she can't find, and moves in with Stephen at his fraternity house.
In the midst of all this, Jason has arrived on campus at Sara's dorm. He leaves a written note under her door saying he wants to see her as well as revealing the hotel and room where he is staying. Rebecca, having read the note, poses as Sara with her sister's necklace and the tattoo she got, goes to Jason's hotel room, and stabs him to death with a pocket knife.
Eventually, all scenes converge when Sara gets a text from Irene's phone saying she needs her right away. She in turn leaves voicemail on Stephen's phone telling him she will be at Irene's place. When she gets there, she finds Irene held hostage by Rebecca with a pistol. She reveals to Sara that she was responsible for what happened to Tracy, the professor, Jason, and the kitten and that she did it all because she wanted to win Sara's friendship. When Sara apologizes, Rebecca forgives her but wants to kill Irene. The two begin fighting, and Stephen arrives just in time to help stop Rebecca from pulling the trigger on Irene. However, in the ongoing struggle involving gunshots fired, Stephen is knocked unconscious while Sara is left dangling out of the window high above the ground (she had been trying to escape to get help). Although Rebecca pulls Sara back to safety, the latter reaches for the pistol with which to shoot her, but the cartridge is empty. Rebecca, enraged that her so-called friend would shoot her, attacks Sara with insanity and attempts to strangle her. Sara reaches for a pocket knife and, saying, "You were never my friend," (echoing Maria's words from earlier in the film), stabs Rebecca in the back, effectively killing her. She retrieves Emily's necklace back from her.
Life on campus goes on, as Sara moves back into a dorm. This time, with Stephen's help, she moves the extra bed set out of her room, proclaiming to her boyfriend that she does not want a roommate for a while.


Leighton Meester as Rebecca Evans
Minka Kelly as Sara Matthews
Cam Gigandet as Stephen
Daneel Harris as Irene Crew
Matt Lanter as Jason Tanner
Alyson Michalka as Tracy Morgan
Katerina Graham as Karla Johnson
Jerrika Hinton as Shiana
Ryan Doom as Rick Shaefer
Elena Franklin as Jessica Smith
Carrie Finklea as Marina Hudgens
Billy Zane as Professor Roberts
Frances Fisher as Rebecca's Mother
Tomas Arana as Rebecca's Father
Nina Dobrev as Maria

片名:室友   又名:   英文片名:The Roommate   国家/地区:   区域:欧美   出品:   发行:银幕宝石(索尼)Screen Gems (Sony)   类型:惊悚   导演: 克里斯蒂安·E·克里斯蒂安森Christian E. Christiansen   编剧:桑尼·马利Sonny Mallhi   主演:莉顿·梅斯特Leighton Meester 敏卡·凯莉Minka Kelly 凯姆·吉甘戴Cam Gigandet 艾莉·米夏卡Aly Michalka 丹妮尔·哈里斯Danneel Harris   分级:美国PG-13   上映时间:2011年2月4日
制作公司:Vertigo Entertainment [美国]
  发行公司:Screen Gems Inc. [美国] (2011) (USA) (theatrical) Sony Pictures Releasing [荷兰] (2011) (Netherlands) (theatrical) Sony Pictures Releasing (2011) (Argentina) (theatrical)
  Chapman and Leonard Studio Equipment camera dollies Dolby Laboratories [美国] sound mix Film Art, L.A. artwork Movie Movers cast trailers/hair and make-up trailers Rockbottom Rentals cell phone rentals/junxion box rentals Central Casting [美国] extras casting Direct Tools & Fasteners expendables
导演 Director:
  克里斯蒂安·E·克里斯蒂安森 Christian E. Christiansen
编剧 Writer:
  桑尼·墨海 Sonny Mallhi ....(written by)
演员 Actor:
  莉顿·梅斯特 Leighton Meester ....Rebecca   凯姆·吉甘戴 Cam Gigandet ....Stephen   敏卡·凯利 Minka Kelly ....Sara马特·兰特尔 Matt Lanter ....Jason 丹妮尔·哈里斯 Danneel Harris ....Irene卡特琳娜·格兰厄姆 Katerina Graham ....Kim 艾莉森·米夏卡 Alyson Michalka ....Tracy弗兰西丝·费舍 Frances Fisher吉舍尔·拉斐尔 Gishel Rafael Tomas Arana ....Rebecca's Dad谢瑞琳·威尔逊 Cherilyn Wilson ....Girl Jacqueline Mazarella ....Professor JacobsElena Franklin ....Jessica Ryan Doom ....RickCarrie Finklea ....MarinaCameron Lee ....Frat guy Jennifer Cadena ....Dorm R.A.Karina Clark ....Frat party girl Malia Dawkins ....Art StudentJerrika Hinton ....Girl Student Ashleigh Falls ....Make-up girlBrian David Miller ....Frat Bouncer Will McFadden ....Club Guy #1 (uncredited) Angela Nikas ....Hot Girl in Library (uncredited) G.O. Parsons ....The Mocha Guy (uncredited) Jake Perry ....Slacker co-worker (uncredited) Munda Razooki ....Club guy #2 (uncredited) Tanner Alexander Redman ....Loud frat guy (uncredited) Adam Saunders ....Handsome Guy (uncredited)比利·赞恩 Billy Zane劳伦·斯多姆 Lauren Storm Anna Roberts ....Art StudentHeather Rose ....Club Goer Michael Patrick Carmody ....ExtraTodd Merz ....Loud Frat Guy Melissa LeGree ....Kissing Couple (uncredited) Gabriel Liotta ....Club Guy #3 (uncredited)
制作人 Produced by:
  道格·戴维森 Doug Davison ....producer George Flynn ....associate producer罗伊·李 Roy Lee ....producer 桑尼·墨海 Sonny Mallhi ....executive producerBeau Marks ....executive producer Irene Yeung ....producer
原创音乐 Original Music:
  约翰·弗瑞泽尔 John Frizzell
摄影 Cinematography:
  Phil Parmet
剪辑 Film Editing:
  Randy Bricker
选角导演 Casting:
  Lindsey Hayes Kroeger
服装设计 Costume Design by:
  Maya Lieberman
视觉特效 Visual Effects Supervisor:
  Rocco Passionino
副导演/助理导演 Assistant Director:
  Audrey Clark ....second second assistant director Lance Gilbert ....second unit director Heather Grierson ....second assistant director Mark Anthony Little ....first assistant 时光网讯 一直被认为有几分“撞脸”的美剧女星莉顿·梅斯特(《绯闻女孩》)和敏卡·凯利(《胜利之光》)将在一部电影中相遇,并且还成了“室友”。日前两人相继亮相洛杉矶的《室友》(The Roommate)片场,这是一部由Sony Screen Gems投拍的惊悚片,来自丹麦的导演克里斯蒂安·E·克里斯蒂安森(Christian E. Christiansen,《青涩地带》)首部英文片就能邀到这两位人气美女合作可谓成功了一半。另据报道,曾出演《绝不退缩》和《暮色》的凯姆·吉甘戴也加盟了本片。
  碧草连天,微风轻柔,阳光金灿灿地洒向地面,天气格外清朗。走进学生中心大厅的那一刻,莎拉(敏卡·凯莉)有些兴奋,有些羞涩,还有些不安。“316室。”负责宿舍分配的工作人员将钥匙交到了她手中。推开宿舍门,一声热情的问候立即打消了莎拉的不安。“你好!我叫蕾贝卡(莉顿·梅斯特)!”那个漂亮得像洋娃娃的新室友,微笑着,将手伸了过来。   蕾贝卡也是大学新生,对一切都显得特别好奇。她带着莎拉到处走走逛逛、拍照留念,还说这辈子最大的愿望就是多个姐妹。两个同样漂亮开朗的同龄女孩很快就熟络了起来,她们一起疯一起玩老腻在一块,点同样的餐点,有时候还钻同一个被窝聊心事,俨然像相交多年的闺中密友。即便是宿舍管理三申五令不允许养宠物,莎拉捡回一只流浪小猫,只用她一个忐忑的眼神,蕾贝卡就会心软,答应帮她保守秘密。   然而一天,一切仿佛都有了改变。那天,隔壁宿舍的金发女孩崔西(艾莉·米夏卡)一脸兴奋地跑过来,邀请莎拉和蕾贝卡晚上去人气鼎沸的某俱乐部。在俱乐部里,莎拉结识了帅气的史蒂芬(凯姆·吉甘戴)。两人忙着眉目传情,没有人注意到蕾贝卡的眼神似乎有些异样。而当莎拉深夜晚归时,黑暗中,悄悄多了一双突然睁大的眼睛。渐渐地,诡异的事情相继发生:莎拉发现,她是蕾贝卡社交网络上唯一加的好友;任何靠近莎拉的男生,都会无缘无故遭遇伤害;就连大大咧咧的崔西,也在浴室中发生意外……危险,正朝着莎拉一步步逼近!
  曾几何时,二月时节,正该是喜剧和恐怖片兵戎相见的月份。爹不疼娘不爱的B级电影们,好不容易挥别了奖项季节的纠缠,自然赶紧趁暑期大片汹涌杀来之前挤破头上画。可三十年河东三十年河西,如今夏季圣诞未必就一定获利,以前相对冷清的年初月份倒也不乏黑马级别,所以专门瞅着空档捡便宜的B级片倒是也少了许多。但“传统”毕竟不会那么容易被抛弃,特别是对于投资仅800万美元的小成本电影来说。而且,跟冲着奖项去的独立影片千方百计要把漂亮主角整丑不同,一旦套上“校园”“青春”“爱情”的外壳,哪怕本片是意图惊悚的恐怖电影,也必定是新生代俊男美女齐聚首,养眼得不得了。   其中最有看点的,无疑是“绯闻女孩”莉顿·梅斯特首次独挑大梁出演惊悚片。这当然并非梅斯特第一次出征大银幕。就在不久前,由她参演并献唱的《乡谣情缘》中的歌曲才入围了奥斯卡最佳原创歌曲提名名单。而平时甜美可人的梅斯特这回更是大胆挑战演技,虽然在本片中仍然扮演了富家女的角色,但却一改小荧幕上“女王B”靓丽光鲜的形象,完美化身为内心有着无数黑暗秘密的双面野蛮夏娃。看来,和同样因为《绯闻女孩》蹿红的漂亮美眉布莱克·莱弗利一样,梅斯特成为电影和时尚界宠儿也是指日可待的事情。   说来也巧,为她一起配戏的诸多俊男美女,不管是《胜利之光》里的热辣啦啦队长敏卡·凯利、《橘子郡男孩》里的俊朗坏小子凯姆·吉甘戴(后来成为《暮光之城》中的反派吸血鬼)、《90210》里的叛逆帅哥马特·兰特尔,还是《地狱猫啦啦队》里的迪斯尼小公主艾莉·米夏卡,基本全是电视圈出身。对于这些私底下大多就已相识的帅哥索女来说,拍摄这部电影更像是几个朋友在一起度假,倒没有什么工作的压力了。

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Leighton Meester (Gossip Girl): The Roommate
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