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 The Eagle 失落的第九军团

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PostSubject: The Eagle 失落的第九军团   Sun May 22, 2011 6:01 am

Friends, Romans, Countrymen… bore me to tears.

Kevin Macdonald continues his creative output with this tale of a Roman soldier and his slave journeying north of Hadrian’s Wall to retrieve the standard of his father’s lost legion.

Macdonald’s experience as a documentary maker is evident, he is excellent at exploiting a location to create atmosphere and to frame an establishing shot to lead us into moments of a story. Unfortunately this film is let down by it’s savage lack of storytelling.

The movie follows Standard Quest Movie Plot Number 1, and has no genuine shocks or surprises on the way. The ‘heroes’ head north, fight some people, fight each other, find what they were looking for, run away, have another fight and return the lost item to it’s rightful home.

The pace of the movie is almost funereal, with Macdonald taking nearly an hour to set up the quest, something which becomes clearer to understand when the rest of the film follows such a formulaic narrative.

With so little to draw interest a movie like this could be saved by some solid performances, alas this is too much to hope for. Channing Tatum uses both of his expressions throughout and neither with much conviction. Jamie Bell excels at using his stock expression, the look of a man unsure whether or not he can smell a fart. The bromance between these two has a homo-erotic subtext which leaks out of every scene and is encapsulated at the end of the film by quite possibly the worst line uttered in a film this year.

Mark Strong, who normally delivers, looks lost with little to work with, the only performer who really escapes unharmed is Dougie Henshall whose performance is so short it was barely worth him getting out of bed for, the kind of appearance where by the time you have recognised who the actor is it’s too late.

The other area where this film could have redeemed itself was with the battle scenes, these however are shot in the currently fashionable style of swinging cameras and fast cut editing, making it impossible to see who is winning, who is killing who and who has the upper hand until the inevitable post battle scene where those who are still standing must have won.

The redeeming feature of this movie is the beautiful settings and despite the almost constant rain this may well find a life as a promotional video for the Scottish Tourism Board.

失落的第九军团,该片故事发生在公元140年,地点是被罗马帝国统治的不列颠,确切说是麦克唐纳的老家苏格兰。影片改编自罗斯玛丽·苏特克里夫历史小说,由杰里米·布洛克(《故园风雨后》)改编剧本。29岁的查宁·塔图姆(《特种部队》)担任主角,扮演率领百人队伍罗马将领Marcus Aquila。由于受到凯尔特人袭击,Marcus身受重伤并失去了自己的队伍和地位。无奈之下Marcus决定立功赎罪,冒险去了无人烟的苏格兰北部,寻找失落的第九军团之鹰。15年前,由他父亲(唐纳德·萨瑟兰)率领的第九军团曾在那里莫名其妙地失踪。

片 名: The Eagle of the Ninth
  中文名: 失落的第九军团
  又 名: 帝国战记(台) / 不败雄鹰(港) / 失踪的第九军团/ 第九只鹰
  片 长:114 min
  导 演: 凯文·麦克唐纳德 Kevin Macdonald
  主 演:
  查宁·塔图姆 Channing Tatum
  马克·斯特隆 Mark Strong
  杰米·贝尔 Jamie Bell
  唐纳德·萨瑟兰 Donald SutherlandDenis O'Hare
  塔哈·拉希姆 Tahar Rahim


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The Eagle 失落的第九军团
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