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PostSubject: Buried    Sat Jun 04, 2011 4:51 am

Buried is a 2010 Spanish thriller film directed by Rodrigo Cortés.[6] It stars Ryan Reynolds.[7] It was written by Chris Sparling.
The film revolves around Iraq-based American truck driver Paul Conroy (Reynolds), who, after being attacked, finds himself buried alive in a wooden coffin, with only a lighter, flask, flashlight, knife, glowsticks and a mobile phone to help him escape before the oxygen in the coffin runs out. Since its premiere at the Sundance Film Festival, the film has received a positive critical reception.


Paul Conroy, a US truck driver based in Iraq, awakens buried alive in a wooden coffin, bound and gagged, with only a Zippo and a BlackBerry. Although he initially has no idea how he got there, he soon starts to piece together what has happened to him. He remembers that he and several other trucks were ambushed by insurgents, who killed the other truck drivers. After finding the cellphone, Conroy attempts to contact his wife and his employers but is able only to leave a message for both of them. Paul is able to contact the FBI, but they cut off before he can explain the situation. Conroy's kidnapper phones him and demands a ransom of $5 million to release him alive, which is later lowered to $1 million.
Conroy eventually gets into contact with the State Department, who pass him onto a hostage rescue group led by Dan Brenner. Brenner tells Conroy they are doing their best to find him however Conroy is not convinced and asks Brenner to name a person who they had saved before. Brenner claims they saved a man known as Mark White three weeks ago. The kidnapper calls Conroy back and demands he make a ransom video, which he refuses to do. When the kidnapper threatens to kill his kidnapped co-worker, Conroy reluctantly agrees to do the video. After completing the ransom video, Conroy receives a video from the kidnapper showing the female employee he knew being shot in the head. Shortly afterwards, there is a violent shaking in the coffin, and sand starts to leak into it. The stress becomes too great and Conroy momentarily considers slitting his own throat with the knife.
Later on, Conroy receives a phone call from his employers, who inform him that he was fired from his job that morning due to fraternizing with the same female employee and so if he dies, his family will not get any insurance money. Conroy states the two were just friends however his pleas are ignored. Brenner calls and explains that some F-16 fighter planes just bombed the area the coffin is in, even though they knew Conroy was in the area. Conroy begins to lose all hope and does a last will and testament in video form, giving his son all of his clothes and his wife his personal savings of $700. As time goes on the kidnapper calls with demands for blood instead of money and tells Conroy to cut his finger off and send a recording of it. The kidnapper lets Conroy know he has his home address, and states he will harm his family if he does not make the video however he will not harm his family and will tell the US government where Conroy is if he complies. Conroy films himself cutting off one of his fingers and sends the video.
Within a few minutes, Brenner calls saying they now know where he is, explaining that they were given details of where to find a man who was buried alive by an insurgent. Conroy receives a phone call from his wife and tells her he is going to be okay, and they express their love for each other. A few minutes later, Brenner calls saying that they are close and have found his location. They arrive at the apparent burial site and are about to dig up the coffin. Through the phone, digging is heard, but Conroy cannot hear digging around him. Sand begins to fill the coffin to dangerous levels, giving him seconds to live. When the group digs up the coffin, it turns out the insurgent led them to Mark White, the man Brenner earlier in the film claimed had been rescued. Paul hears his final words, that of Brenner saying over the phone, "I'm sorry, Paul. I'm so sorry."

Ryan Reynolds as Paul Steven Conroy[8]

The film was produced by Barcelona-based Versus Entertainment in association with The Safran Company and Dark Trick Films with the participation of Icon Film Distribution.
It was shot in a time period of over 17 days in Barcelona.[9] One of director Rodrigo Cortés' inspirations for the film were the films of Alfred Hitchcock.[9]

Buried premiered at the Sundance Film Festival on January 23, 2010. Lionsgate purchased the theatrical rights to the film and gave the film a limited theatrical release on September 24, 2010 and a wider release two weeks later on October 8, 2010. The film's first trailer premiered with A Nightmare on Elm Street. The second trailer premiered at the 2010 San Diego Comic-Con International, and was attached with select prints of Dinner for Schmucks, Resident Evil: Afterlife, The Expendables and The Last Exorcism.
The film won the best European feature film of the year award at the best European Fantastic Film Festival of Strasbourg in September 2010.[10]
The film was presented at both the Deauville American Film Festival, in competition, and the Toronto International Film Festival, out of competition, in September 2010.
The DVD and Blu Ray Release was January 18, 2011 in the US and Canada.[11]

Buried has received critical acclaim. Review aggregate Rotten Tomatoes reports that 86% of critics have given the film a positive review based on 133 reviews, with an average score of 7.2/10. With the following consensus: "Wringing a seemingly impossible amount of gripping drama out of its claustrophobic premise, Buried is a nerve-wracking showcase for Ryan Reynolds' talent."[12] Film critic Roger Ebert, awarding the film 3.5 out of 4 stars, said that "Rodrigo Cortés, the Spanish filmmaker behind this diabolical, Hitchcock-influenced narrative stunt, makes merry mischief with camera angles and lighting".[13] IGN gave the film a perfect 10 out of 10.[14] Alternatively Peter Travers of Rolling Stone awarded the film 2 out of 4 stars, stating: "Ninety minutes of being buried alive with Ryan Reynolds: Didn't we all suffer that in The Proposal?".[15]
[edit]Awards and nominations
25th Goya Awards (2011)
Won: Best Original Screenplay (Chris Sparling)
Won: Best Editing (Rodrigo Cortés)
Won: Best Sound
Nominated: Best Film
Nominated: Best Director (Rodrigo Cortés)
Nominated: Best Actor (Ryan Reynolds)
Nominated: Best Cinematography (Eduard Grau)
Nominated: Best Original Score (Víctor Reyes)
Nominated: Best Original Song ("In The Lap of the Mountain" - Víctor Reyes and Rodrigo Cortés)
Nominated: Best Special Effects
National Board of Review Awards 2010
Winner: Best Original Screenplay (Chris Sparling)
Saturn Awards
Nominated: Best Actor (Ryan Reynolds)

在这部2010年由西班牙导演罗德里格·科特兹执导的黑色电影中,瑞恩·雷诺兹(Ryan Reynolds)扮演一名在伊拉克被人绑架的承包商,醒来后却发现自己被装进一个棺材,活埋在沙漠深处。他手边只有手机、蜡烛和一把小刀。他该怎么办?

中文名: 活埋
外文名: Buried
其它译名: 埋葬
制片地区: 西班牙 / 美国 / 法国
导演: 罗德里格·科特斯 Rodrigo Cortés
编剧: 克里斯·斯帕林Chris Sparling
主演: 瑞恩·雷诺兹,何塞·路易斯·加西亚·佩雷斯 ,罗伯特·帕特森
类型: 悬疑, 惊悚
片长: 95min
上映时间: 2010-10-01
imdb编码: tt1462758

在这部由西班牙导演Rodrigo Cortes执导的黑色电影中,瑞恩·雷诺兹(Ryan Reynolds)扮演一名在伊拉克被人绑架的合同工卡车司机,醒来后却发现自己被装进一个棺材,活埋在伊拉克沙漠的某处。他手边只有打火机、手机、一根的荧光棒、一把时亮时暗的手电筒和一支笔。活埋 剧照(14张)

  在2007年之前,罗德里格·科特斯的作品多以短片为主,影片海报(14张)而且常常短的令人难以置信,一部名为《Dirt Devil》的作品时长仅仅2分钟,这还不算最短的,《Dentro》更是只有1分钟时长。不过,罗德里格·科特斯的短片作品却以巧妙的构思获得评论界好评,或许也是在这样的锻炼和实验过程中,他才构思出了《活埋》这样诡异巧妙的作品。



  在整个挣扎自救的过程中,这个叫Paul的美国人拨打了911,FBI,自己服务的公司,家人,朋友等,均受到了不同程度的冷漠、责任推诿和机构的官僚作风。影片让人心里倍感冲击和心酸的有三个情节。打给911要求hold on,打给FBI要求明确部门已经不是什么新鲜桥端。但是他打给朋友只要求对方报出现在他拨打的这个号码,却只因为他情绪激动,语气不够礼貌而遭到了拒绝。透过这种嘲讽式的对话过程,让人在随着主人公感到深深绝望的同时感受到了无奈和愤慨。但是现实生活中,我们又多少次扮演着这两种角色。第二个比较受冲击的就是,他的公司居然在他拨打电话求救并知悉他被埋在沙漠的一具棺木里后,没有积极想办法营救,而是要求他接受电话录音谈话,要求Paul承认自己违反了公司约定和公司内部员工有亲密关系,并就地解决他的劳工合同的续约,这样在Paul 死后,他们就不需要给他的家庭支付保险费用。这样一段对话,极端地反映了现在社会的公司,已完全为资本关系控制,没有任何人情和道义。而最后导演博人心跳的最后一击就是FBI在沙马上快溢满整个棺木时打电话告诉Paul,他们马上要找到他了,让他坚持住。让本来已经决定等死的Paul重新燃起了希望。但是他们居然搞错了对象,找到的是另一个。(找到的那个人还是先前说已救出的人)真是让Paul临死还调侃他一下。最后片尾音就是FBI一句无奈的对不起,这样的对不起充斥着整个影片。这种对不起有作为个人的同情,有作为机构的推诿,有共情的无奈。多少误会,多少希望在”对不起”中烟消云散。想起了不知谁说的一句话,这个世界上我谁都对不起。他人、家人、自己,当自我都不能被自己掌控时,你哪有承担义务和兑现责任的权力和可能性。

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