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 The Lost Room 失落的房间

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PostSubject: The Lost Room 失落的房间    Sat Jun 18, 2011 7:41 am

The Lost Room is a science fiction television miniseries that aired on the Sci Fi Channel in the United States. The series revolves around the titular room and some of the everyday items from that room which possess unusual powers. The show's protagonist, Joe Miller, is searching for these objects to rescue his daughter, Anna, who has disappeared inside the Room. Once a typical room at a 1960s motel along U.S. Route 66, the Lost Room exists outside of normal time and space since 1961, when what is only referred to as "the Event" took place.

The RoomThe Room is the nonexistent Room 10 at the abandoned Sunshine Motel outside of Gallup, New Mexico. At 1:20:44 p.m. on May 4, 1961, something happened at the site of the Room that erased it and all its contents from history. This is referred to as "the Event" or "the Incident", and is thought to be the reason for the unusual properties of the Room and the Objects. At the time of the Event, the motel was in quite serviceable condition, holding ten rooms total before the event and only nine afterwards. One of the Objects, the undeveloped Polaroid picture, allows the user to view the post-event tenth room as it was at the time of the Event by standing in its currently vacant location at the Sunshine Motel ruins in the real world.

The Room can be accessed only by the holder of the Key. The Key will open any hinged door with a pin tumbler lock anywhere in the world, turning the door into a portal accessing the Room regardless of where that door would open normally. As Joe sees on the surveillance tape, while the door that originates the portal is open, it still appears closed to the observer on the other side of that door. When exiting the Room, the door opens, not necessarily to the original place of entry, but to any room that the holder of the Key has in mind, or to a random room if the user doesn't focus. To reach a specific room, the user must have a clear picture of the room's own door and the area around it. The Room can thus serve as a way station for rapid travel between similar doors anywhere on Earth. Doors with types of locks other than a tumbler lock, or without a lock at all, cannot be used to access the Room; sliding doors are unusable for travel in either direction.

The holder of the Key can bring other people into the Room, but they must either leave together or the holder must let other people out of the room while remaining behind, because the Room "resets" whenever the door is opened from the outside using the key: everything is restored to the way it was originally, minus any Objects that are outside the Room. If something from outside the Room (including a person) is left in it when the holder of the Key leaves, it disappears. If Objects are left in the Room, they return to their original position as of the moment of the Event when the Room resets. A benefit to this is that one can retrieve an Object from something within which it may be encased or hidden (such as a safe) by leaving whatever the Object is in inside the Room and resetting it. This can also let someone sort out a real Object from fakes, since the fakes disappear.

Objects lose their special abilities while in the Room, and can be destroyed. However, according to the Occupant, a new Object will take the destroyed Object's place, a fact he refers to as the Law of Conservation of Objects. The Occupant states that there are many Rooms; thus, any non-Object left in the Room hasn't actually disappeared, but is simply in a different instance of the Room. The reset, in turn, represents a confluence of these Rooms, allowing the Occupant (the only Object capable of consciously existing during a reset) to retrieve things lost during a reset provided they have a clear idea of what they wish to retrieve.

[edit] The EventThe Event is a shorthand term given to the moment in time that the Lost Room was created. It occurred at 1:20:44 p.m. on May 4, 1961, and erased the room and all of its contents from history. The reason behind this and the ultimate purpose of the Objects is yet unknown, though two primary theories have been postulated. Even the man occupying the room at the time of the event doesn't seem to know what happened, so the truth remains a mystery. Both theories essentially lead to the same conclusion, but attribute the event to different causes.

One faction, the Order of the Reunification, operates under the belief that the Objects are pieces of God's mind or body (God having presumably died or been killed somehow) and that reuniting them will allow them to communicate with God. More extreme versions of this view hold that reuniting the Objects will turn one into God or at least give that person God-like powers. Martin Ruber purports that the Occupant confirmed this particular theory for him in a vision, making him the self-proclaimed "Prophet of the Objects", but his near-death state from dehydration and heat exhaustion at the time casts doubt on his claims. Additionally, the Occupant himself shows no knowledge of the circumstances behind the event. The Deck of Cards, which gives one who is exposed to it a vision of the events during the Collectors' failed attempt to use the objects on Room 9 of the hotel, may be the source of their beliefs, as it is used in their rituals.

Another (though not necessarily contradictory) view of the phenomenon suggests that reality was somehow shattered at the location of the Room, thus separating it and everything in it from time and giving its contents metaphysical abilities. Should the items be collected and returned to the room by an individual, that person would then have complete control over reality. This theory works under the assumption that the one gathering the objects has the knowledge to utilize them properly. Since the Objects are just considered tools, they would do no good if the user were unaware of their paranormal functions.

[edit] The ObjectsMain article: Objects from The Lost Room
The Objects are powerful artifacts and consist of roughly 100 everyday items one would expect to find in an occupied motel room in the 1960s. They are indestructible (except when inside the Room) and possess various other-worldly powers when taken outside the Lost Room, but do not work within the Room itself. According to the Occupant (Eddie McCleister), when an object is destroyed within the room, another object takes its place. Whether the new object takes the former's properties partially or totally is unknown. Various characters repeatedly put forth the opinion that, over time, Objects lead to something akin to bad karma or bad luck for their owners. All of the items (including the occupant) attract to one another, wanting to come together. The Occupant states that the objects are aware of each other, constantly sending out pings to each other and that for a living mind this is torture.

[edit] The CabalsMany Object-seekers have organized themselves into groups, known as "cabals". Wars between cabals are mentioned in the series. There are at least three cabals:

The Collectors
The original group of Object-seekers formed some time after the Event. Led by Arlene Conroy, the manager of the Sunshine Motel, most of the Collectors were killed or driven insane after the disaster in Room 9 in 1966. The survivors hid their most important Objects in a place called "The Collector's Vault", buried in a fallout shelter beneath an abandoned prison.
The Legion
A cabal dedicated to collecting the Objects and stopping them from causing more harm. They claim to follow an established set of rules, including that they never kill in order to acquire the Objects, although this rule is sometimes put to the test.
The Order of the Reunification
Also referred to as "The Order" or "The New Religion". They believe that the Objects are pieces of God and must be reunited. Once so restored, members of the Order would be able to communicate with God for the first time in human history. Unlike the Legion, The Order have no qualms about killing.

【原 名】:The Lost Room   【译 名】:失落的房间   【类 型】:TV-Moive / Mini-Series (电视电影/迷你剧集)   【集 数】:6   【首 播】:2006年12月11日 Scifi Channel播放   【国 家】:美国

[1] 阳光旅馆的10号房的设施和其他房间类似,不过这些看似平凡的剪刀,梳子之类的东西在某一天突然拥有了神奇的效果,把自己从一般的东西变成了不可毁灭的物体.剪刀可以旋转并且使3尺以内的东西旋转.当你用梳子梳头的时候可以停止时间10秒中.眼镜可以停止20英尺以内的燃烧.房间本身则是一个不变的港口,它可以通往任何目的地.不过他也可能让你付出比生命还宝贵的代价.   拥有了一个物体就拥有了它的力量.使用者使用任何一个物体都需要付出一个身体上的,情感上的或者心理上的代价.只要拿着它们你就会变成被猎杀的对象.   几十年前,或者这家汽车旅馆刚建成前这个房间就和现实之间产生了裂缝.和其故事一样,有人计划收集这个房间的所有物体,为了得到无穷的力量,他们认为这些物体可以满足他们,另外一些人则禁止任何人再次使用这些物体.虽然他们的目的不同,不过他们的战术相似.据说只要你拥有了其中一件物体,你就会失去朋友.一个人在孤寂中等待出口.   一个带着严重枪伤的年轻人交给警察德特·乔·米勒其中的一件物体,这是所有物体当中最有力量的一件,拥有了它就等于拥有了其他的物体--房间的钥匙.当他的小女儿在房间中走失的时候,他的生活立刻彻底的发生了变化.为了救回自己的女儿,乔成了一股邪恶力量的目标,它会不惜一切代价夺走乔拯救女儿的希望-钥匙.

  警察-乔 米勒   在调查一起谋杀案时,米勒碰巧得到了一把看似平凡的汽车旅馆钥匙.这把钥匙可以打开一个让人难以想像的世界,米勒因此被那些不惜一切代价要得到这把钥匙的人列为目标.因为女儿在意外中被送到那个房间里,所以踏上了危险的寻找女儿的旅程。   珍妮佛·布鲁   这个神秘的女人和乔·米勒联系并声称自己的弟弟因为一把看似平凡的汽车旅馆钥匙被谋杀了,这把钥匙打开的门后连接着一个难以想象的房间,里面的物品有神秘的力量.珍妮弗属于一个神秘的教会组织。   当乔·米勒得到这把钥匙的时候,珍妮佛警告过他房间以及里面的物体的危险性.米勒的女儿在房间里消失以后他才不得不和珍妮佛联合,珍妮佛让他知道了一个不惜一切代价要得到这把钥匙的阴谋.   卡尔·卡特兹佛德   这个富有的匹兹堡商人声称自己通过干洗店发财致富,拥有一家大型典当行。他在在警察米勒得到钥匙以后就一直在追踪他.这把钥匙可以把任何门传送到一个不为人知的房间的入口,这个房间是那些有神秘力量的物体的源头.   卡尔的目的是为了重复一个试验,想要将自己因为白血病致死的儿子的尸体变为活人。   当米勒在调查一起凶杀案时得到这把钥匙以后他和他女儿的性命都受到了威胁.但当他发现自己和卡特兹佛德一样为了拯救自己的孩子而寻找这些神秘的物体时他们的关系有了缓和.   安娜·米勒   乔·米勒惟一的孩子,今年八岁.当她在一个汽车旅馆的房间消失以后为了找到她乔陷入了艰苦的斗争.   黄鼠狼(臭鼬/鼬鼠)   黄鼠狼是一个铁石心肠的物体搜寻者和研究者,他不择手段,包括谋杀,拥有神秘的房间里最致命的一个物体:圆珠笔   圆珠笔的笔尖碰到活的生物时,它可以把那个生物从内到外烤焦.正是因为摩塔古收集这把钥匙才使得乔的女儿安娜在房间中消失.   侦探卢·德斯特法诺   乔·米勒的老朋友,同时也是他的搭档,十分看中友情.被马丁·鲁比医生所杀并嫁祸于乔   霍华德·斯提克   他是一个笨拙害羞的人,拥有一件强大的物体:梳子.梳子可以停止时间十秒钟.霍华德以前喜欢用梳子来搞点恶作剧,后来被说服用梳子帮助乔找到他失踪的女儿安娜.   苏兹·康   一个粗暴,独立,烟瘾大的乾洗店总管,只要价钱合适,她会向任何人提供关于神秘房间中物品的情报.她就坐在她老妈的乾洗机后面做着物品追踪生意。   马丁·鲁比医生   和乔 米勒一起工作.鲁比对10号房间的物品十分着迷,他相信那些关于房间的传言是真的,为了得到他想要的东西他不择手段,即使要用谋杀来设计米勒.   李·布莱吉沃特   乔在警局的同事,不相信乔杀了自己的搭档。   沃里·杰布罗斯基   一个性格古怪,孤僻的人.他拥有汽车票,汽车票可以传送碰到它的人或者被碰到的人到新墨西哥州的盖洛普镇.沃里对10号房中的东西和来历的知识,比他说出来的要多得多。在帮乔找女儿的问题上也是犹犹豫豫的,但是总向乔伸出援手。编辑本段房间介绍
  位于阳光汽车旅馆10号房,这个房间在到达阳光旅馆后会发现并不存在,事实上只有通过这个房门的钥匙才能到达这一间看似不存在的房间。用钥匙开门之后,如果回到房外将房门关上。再次开门时会发现房间已经重置(安娜·米勒就是在房间重置之后消失),只有原本属于房间的物品才会留下来。   房间内原有的物品大约超过100个,没有具体的数据表明到底有多少,这些物品最早的记载是在1961年。有人把物品拿出来了并且收藏,因为发现物品都不能被摧毁,还有特殊的能力可以使人做到超出科学理解范围的事情。后来越来越多的人认为拿到所有的物品,就可以跟上帝交流,甚至有人说,拿到物品就成为上帝。   需要注明的是,所有的物品在房间里面都会失去它们的特殊功能。特殊功能只限在这个房间外使用。编辑本段房间内物品简介
  钥匙——可以打开任何一扇有锁的门,然后到达阳光汽车旅馆10号房间,在房间内打开房门,则可到达世界上任何一扇门后面。   圆珠笔——笔尖所触及的人会被从内到外蒸透,就像被微波炉蒸熟了一样。   铅笔--往桌上敲能敲出硬币   车票——用车票对着脑门一摁就可以将人送到新墨西哥州的盖洛普镇。   雨伞——使周围的人都认识你。   钟——开始被认为是主物品,其实际的作用是可以使铜制品直接升华成气体。   盒子(box)——通俗地来说可以防止物品腐烂,使原本只能短暂停留的东西停留很长时间。   扑克牌——使人看到幻象(具体景象不明,但是有阳光汽车旅店的标志和火等等影像),令看到扑克的人晕眩并昏倒在地。   眼镜——可以控制20英尺内的燃烧,除通常的燃烧外还包括发动机和火药等。   梳子——使时间静止,只有几秒钟(最多十秒),在那段时间内只有使用梳子的人能够移动。但是用完之后会有头昏目眩的感受,连续多次使用会引发呕吐。   酒壶——将壶盖扭开会使人呼吸困难。   剪刀——按照剪刀的指向使物品旋转。   照片——可以通过照片看到1961年、也就是被后人把东西拿出来之前房间里面的东西和其放置。   袖扣——降低血压。   玻璃眼珠——将玻璃眼珠换到自己的眼眶里,则此眼睛所视之处的任何伤口都可以复原;同时也可以根据眼睛主人的意念将人撕成碎片。   硬币——吞下之后可以使想象中的东西成为现实,保持数天。   人——一个相片里的人,有人猜测是传说中的物品主人或者是众物之中的主物品,更多人都对这个人的存在深表怀疑。此人的任何身份证明和记录都被抹去,并且是戴着一边眼罩的独眼龙(有人猜测玻璃眼珠就是他失去的那个眼睛)。他有跟众物品相同的特性——不能被摧毁,没有东西可以伤害他——在房间里除外。   手表——可以而且只可以煮鸡蛋(配合小刀的话有其他功能)   修夹器——在看到它的一瞬间会晕倒   风衣——已知可以防弹   物品统计表   [人.已出现]:John Doe唯一有意识物品,金刚不坏之身。   [钥匙.已出现]:可以打开“THE LOST ROOM”,去往任何想去的地方。   [圆珠笔.已出现]:具有炽热的能量,威力很大。   [水果刀.已出现]:珍妮佛·布露持有,使人昏睡。   [公共汽车月票.已出现]:沃里·贾巴斯克持有,可以把人转瞬之间送到新墨西哥洲北部盖洛普,车票的终点站。   [手表.已出现]:卡尔·卡特兹佛德收藏品,把鸡蛋套中间可以煮熟它,据说和刀一起使用可以预知未来。   [收音机.已出现]:珍妮佛·布露的组织拥有,据说调到合适的频率可以让人长高三英寸。   [时钟.已出现]:首要“物件”,可以使金属汽化。   [铅笔.未出现]:用铅笔敲击桌面可以掉出美分来。   [雨伞.未出现]:据说可以让别人觉得都认识你。   [剃刀.已出现]:教会拥有,用途未知,沃里·贾巴斯克说和手表一起使用可以预知未来。   [玻璃眼.已出现]:卡尔·卡特兹佛德持有,很厉害的武器,可以毁灭或修复肉体。   [牙刷.已出现]:卡尔·卡特兹佛德收藏品,用途未知。   [笔记本.已出现]:卡尔·卡特兹佛德收藏品,用途未知。   [烟灰缸.已出现]:卡尔·卡特兹佛德收藏品,用途未知。   [香烟.已出现]:卡尔·卡特兹佛德收藏品,用途未知。   [钳子.已出现]:卡尔·卡特兹佛德收藏品,用途未知。   [扑克牌.已出现]:教会拥有,可以让人陷入崩溃状态,震撼作用   [照片.已出现]:指出藏宝密室所在,其中有一张可以在现实世界里全息般的看到第十号房间在当时“物品”产生时刻的情况。   [夫妻合影照片.已出现]:物品主人与梅布尔·史密斯的合影,作用不明。   [眼镜.已出现]:可以阻止一切燃烧   [袖口扣子.已出现]:卡尔·卡特兹佛德持有,可以降血压(待考证)。   [硬币.已出现]:卡尔·卡特兹佛德持有,可以使记忆现实化,并持续两三分钟。   [大衣.已出现]: 现归卡尔·卡特兹佛德持有,穿在身上可抵御攻击,刀枪不入。   [钟表盒子.已出现]:防止腐烂。   [剪刀.已出现]:旋转一切。   [军用酒壶.已出现]能够令使用者所注视的人呼吸困难。   [梳子.已出现]:现归珍妮佛·布露的组织拥有,可以停滞十秒时间。   [台灯.未出现]:教会模拟房间中出现过。   [电视机.已出现] 房间中物品,用途未知。   [电话.已出现] 房间中物品,用途未知。   [床及被褥.已出现] 房间中物品,用途未知。   [皮鞋.已出现] 监狱地下室藏品,用途未知。   [矿泉水瓶.已出现] 监狱地下室藏品,用途未知。   [热烫斗.已出现] 监狱地下室藏品,用途未知。   [碎纸片.已出现] 监狱地下室藏品,用途未知。   [衬衫.已出现] 监狱地下室藏品,用途未知。   [黄色清洁液瓶子.已出现] 监狱地下室藏品,用途未知。   [N++.未出现] 数量众多的地下室藏品,数量未知,种类未知,用途未知。   [玻璃杯.已出现] 教会拥有,用途未知。   [X-1.已出现] 教会拥有,用途未知。   [X-2.已出现] 教会拥有,用途未知。   [X-3.已出现] 教会拥有,用途未知。   [X-4.已出现] 教会拥有,用途未知。

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The Lost Room 失落的房间
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