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 Paul(Eng Produce)

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PostSubject: Paul(Eng Produce)   Wed Jun 22, 2011 5:25 am

Paul is a 2011 science fiction comedy film directed by Greg Mottola, written by Simon Pegg and Nick Frost, and starring Pegg, Frost, and the voice of Seth Rogen as the title character. The film contains numerous references to other science fiction films, especially those of Steven Spielberg, as well as to general science fiction fandom.

In 2009, Graeme Willy and Clive Gollings (Simon Pegg and Nick Frost) are two English comic book nerds and best friends who have travelled to America to attend the annual Comic-Con convention and to take a road trip in their RV to visit all the sites of major extraterrestrial importance. At night along the highway they investigate a crashed car and they meet and discover an alien named Paul (voiced by Seth Rogen) who is in desperate need of their help.
Although shocked by the appearance of Paul, Graeme agrees to give Paul a ride, but Clive is not happy about the idea. Later, Lorenzo Zoil (Jason Bateman), a shady government agent, arrives at the site of the crashed car and informs his mysterious female superior over the radio that he's closing in on Paul, and she recommends using local law enforcement as back-up. Zoil then recruits two inept FBI agents, Haggard (Bill Hader) and O'Reilly (Joe Lo Truglio), to aid in his mission, without telling them the nature of their target.
Graeme, Clive and Paul pull into a motor park run by Ruth Buggs (Kristen Wiig), a creationist Christian, and her controlling father, Moses (John Carroll Lynch). The trio bond around their campgrill and Paul reveals that since he was captured by the government, he had been advising them in all manner of scientific and sociological achievements. Yet Paul had outlived his usefulness as a receptacle of knowledge, and his captors were intending to surgically remove Paul's brain in an attempt to harness his abilities. With help from a friend inside Area 51, Paul sent an S.O.S. to his home planet, and he was escaping to meet up with them. The next morning, Paul inadvertently reveals himself to Ruth, and the trio are forced to kidnap her and make a hasty escape. Paul then shatters Ruth's faith by sharing his knowledge of the universe via telepathic link; at first horrified, Ruth suddenly becomes eager to sin, which her father had raised her to fear doing. She initially doesn't trust Paul, but he heals her eye, as she has been blind in it since the age of four.
Eventually, Paul reveals his intention to return to the girl whose dog he crashed his ship on in 1947 and who subsequently saved his life, who is now an old woman, Tara Walton (Blythe Danner). After spending her life being ridiculed for what she said she saw, Tara seems grateful to see that Paul simply exists. She turns her gas cooker on to make tea, but is interrupted by Haggard and O'Reilly on one side of the house, and Zoil on the other. As the motley crew escapes and drives off with Paul, O'Reilly shoots at them, and the gas ignites, destroying the house. A winded Zoil tries to follow, but Haggard takes off first, running Moses (who'd also been tracking the RV) off the road, and catching up to the RV. However, thanks to an error of judgement, Haggard accidentally drives off a cliff, and is killed, leaving Zoil in hot pursuit. He reassures his superior that he'll have Paul within an hour, but she declares herself tired of waiting, and informs Zoil that she's ordered a military response.
When Paul, Graeme, Clive, Ruth and Tara arrive at the rendezvous, they set off a signal and wait. Eventually, eerie orange lights show up over the surrounding trees, and everyone believes that it is Paul's race. However, it is an army helicopter, with 'the Big Guy' (Sigourney Weaver) on board, Zoil's shadowy superior. As she and three troops move to shoot Paul, Zoil arrives, and it's revealed that he was Paul's inside contact who had helped him to escape. Zoil disarms the men, but is shot in the shoulder. Tara punches out 'the Big Guy', but Moses appears with a shotgun and shoots Graeme dead. Paul heals him and then collapses, exhausted. 'The Big Guy' regains consciousness, but is immediately crushed by the arriving alien ship. Paul begins to depart and informs Tara that she is going with him to live a better life and bids farewell to his friends hoping to meet them again one day.
Two years later, Graeme, Clive, and Ruth are shown again at a comic convention, promoting their new mega-successful comic book, "Paul".

National Movie Award - Best Comedy

Simon Pegg as Graeme Willy
Nick Frost as Clive Gollings
Seth Rogen as Paul [3]
Kristen Wiig as Ruth Buggs
Jason Bateman as Special Agent Lorenzo Zoil
Bill Hader as Agent Haggard
Joe Lo Truglio as O'Reilly
Jane Lynch as Pat Stevenson
Sigourney Weaver[4] as "The Big Guy"
Blythe Danner as Tara Walton
Mia Stallard as Young Tara Walton
John Carroll Lynch as Moses Buggs, Ruth's father
David Koechner as Gus
Jesse Plemons as Jake
Jeffrey Tambor as Adam Shadowchild, a famous science fiction writer.
Luke Jackson as Ford
Paula LaBaredas as Princess Leia
Justin Reed as Comic-Con Guest
Steven Spielberg as himself (Cameo)
Ryan Ottley as himself (Cameo)
Cory Walker as himself (Cameo)
Robert Kirkman as himself (Cameo)
Brett Jones as Keith Nash
Pegg and Frost have described the film as a love letter to Steven Spielberg. Mentioning the project to Spielberg, he suggested he might make a cameo appearance, and a scene was added to include him.[5][6] According to Robert Kirkman, he, along with Invincible co-creator Cory Walker and current Invincible artist Ryan Ottley, had a cameo in the film

  影片类型:喜剧 / 科幻
  国家/地区:英国 / 法国
  拍摄日期:2009年5月 -
  导演 Director:
  格雷格·莫托拉 Greg Mottola
  编剧 Writer:
  尼克·弗罗斯特 Nick Frost ....written by
  西蒙·佩吉 Simon Pegg ....written by
  演员 Actor:
  西蒙·佩吉 Simon Pegg ....Graeme Willy
  尼克·弗罗斯特 Nick Frost ....Clive Gollings
  塞斯·罗根 Seth Rogen ....Paul (voice)
  西格妮·韦弗 Sigourney Weaver ....Tara
  简·林奇 Jane Lynch ....Pat Stevenson

  英国金牌搭档西蒙·佩吉(Simon Pegg)和尼克·弗罗斯特(Nick Frost)继黑色幽默片《僵尸肖恩》(Shaun Of The Dead)和《热血警探》(Hot Fuzz)之后,又要再次合作了。
  这次还是他们擅长的喜剧片,片名叫《保罗》(Paul),由于之前合作的导演埃德加·怀特(Edgar Wright)正忙于拍摄《歪小子斯科特》(Scott Pilgrim),所以这部影片将由《冒险世界》(Adventureland)《超级坏》(Superbad)的导演格莱格·莫特拉(Greg Mottola)执导。
  《Paul》是关于一对英国GEEK好友去美国西海岸参加动漫年会时发生的故事~跟simon&nick 的其他电影稍有不同~此次是nick挑大梁~simon则是在旁做王牌绿叶~像nick以前一样~
  此次Edgar将不作导演~导演也许像spaced一样由simon&nick来担当~Edgar 则是制片人和执行制作以及的脚本编剧的角色

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Paul(Eng Produce)
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