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 The Butterfly Effect

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PostSubject: The Butterfly Effect   Fri Jul 29, 2011 8:45 am

The Butterfly Effect is a 2004 American drama/thriller film written and directed by Eric Bress and J. Mackye Gruber and starring Ashton Kutcher and Amy Smart. The title refers to the metaphorical butterfly effect, a popular principle in chaos theory which states that in any dynamic system, small initial differences may over time lead to large unforeseen consequences.

Kutcher plays 20-year-old student Evan Treborn, with Smart as his childhood sweetheart Kayleigh Miller. He finds he has the ability to travel back in time to inhabit his former self and change the present. Having been the victim of several childhood traumas aggravated by stress-induced memory losses, he attempts to set things right for himself and his friends, but there are unintended consequences for all. The film draws heavily on flashbacks of the cast's lives at ages 7 and 13, and presents several alternate present-day outcomes as Evan attempts to change the past, before settling on a final outcome.

The film received a poor critical reception, but was nevertheless a commercial success, producing gross earnings of $96 million from a budget of merely $13 million. The film won the Pegasus Audience Award at the Brussels International Fantastic Film Festival, and was nominated for Best Science Fiction Film at the Saturn Awards and Choice Movie: Thriller in the Teen Choice Awards.

Two largely unrelated sequels followed: The Butterfly Effect 2 in 2006 and The Butterfly Effect 3: Revelations in 2009, using the same basic plot device as the original.

PlotThe movie starts with a medical patient, Evan Treborn (Ashton Kutcher), breaking into a doctor's office at night. The noise has alerted some guards, and he can hear them looking for him. He blocks the door with a couch, hurriedly grabs a pencil and paper and starts writing "If someone reads this, it means that I was unsuccessful and am already dead...". The guards are now outside the office, their flashlights shining in as the scene fades out.

The movie then flashes back to 13 years earlier. We meet the young 8 year old Evan, who is being raised alone by his mother, a nurse. When he is dropped off at school, Evan's teacher insists on speaking with his mother on an urgent matter. Apparently, as part of a drawing assignment, Evan drew a very disturbing picture of himself holding a knife over a couple of dead bodies. Evan has also started experiencing blackouts where he does not remember what has happened. We then follow Evan's life along with three of his friends, Kayleigh Miller (adult played by Amy Smart), her brother Tommy, and Lenny. The following four episodes are pivotal moments, which are referred to later in the movie. In each, we see that Evan has blacked out certain memories.

Episode 1: At 8 years old, Evan is dropped off at his friend Kayleigh's house. Her dad has just picked up a new video camera, and he wants to make a home movie with Kayleigh and Evan. At this point, Evan blacks out, and he finds himself naked with Kayleigh in the basement of the house. Mr. Miller has just finished making a movie, but Evan doesn't remember what has just happened.

Concerned about his blackouts, Evan's mother takes him to see a doctor at a psychiatric institution. The doctor notes that Evan's blackouts do not seem to have a physical cause, and hypothesizes that they may be stress related. He recommends that Evan keep a journal as treatment.

Episode 2: We find out that Evan's father is in a psychiatric institution, and that they have never met. Evan's doctor theorizes that his blackouts may also be related to him not having a father figure, and recommends that they meet in a controlled environment. They do so, but then Evan blacks out and awakens to see his father strangling him. The guards tear him off of Evan, beat him with a truncheon and kill him.

Episode 3: At 13 years old, we see Evan and his friends smoking and rummaging in the Millers' basement. Tommy finds a stick of dynamite, and they decide to use it for a prank. They light it and put it into a mailbox of a neighbor's house, and wait in the woods by the house for it to explode. Evan blacks out, and then he finds them all running in a panic through woods dragging Lenny with them, who appears to be catatonic but otherwise uninjured. Evan has no idea what has just happened, and Lenny has to go to the hospital for treatment.

The following scene does not involve a blackout, but provides context for what happens next. Evan, Kayleigh and Tommy go to see a movie. Tommy catches Kayleigh and Evan kissing and is enraged. He beats up another boy and you can see in his eyes that he loathes Evan.

Episode 4: Still at 13 years old, Lenny has come back from the hospital. Evan and Kayleigh go visit Lenny, and together they wander into a junkyard, where they see some smoke. They happen upon Tommy, who has tied up Evan's dog in a bag, doused it with gasoline, and is preparing to light it on fire. Evan tries to stop Tommy, but Tommy picks up a stick and accidentally hits Kayleigh as he swings at Evan. Evan blacks out, and wakes up to find himself and Kayleigh bloodied, Lenny unhurt, and a charred bag with the remains of his dog.

At this point, Evan's mother has decided that they will move away. As their U-Haul truck is pulling away, Evan sees Kayleigh and writes a note to show her through the window: "I'll come back for you".

We go to present day, where the 20 year old Evan is a student at university studying psychology and memory in particular. His roommate Thumper is a punk-goth type, and gets along well with Evan, the studious-grunge type.

They go out to celebrate after one of Evan's exams, the occasion being that he has not had a blackout in 7 years. They go to a bar where Evan picks up, and brings a girl back to his dorm. She finds his stash of journals which he apparently has kept all through the years. He's embarrassed about them, but on her request he begins reading a passage out of one of the journals. Something very strange happens when he reads a part that approaches one of his blackouts as a kid. He's reading the part in Episode 4, and all of a sudden he's thrown back to that instance, with his adult memory intact. He finally sees what he had blacked out all these years.

Evan is hit by Tommy with the stick and can't save his dog. Lenny is trying to untie the rope around the bag, but when Tommy notices this he threatens him by saying he'll kill his mother in her sleep. Lenny backs off, and Tommy lights the bag. Evan then wakes up in present time to find that he has blacked out momentarily.

Evan is not sure whether this is a real memory, so he goes visit Lenny. The adult Lenny is a very introverted and somewhat disturbed individual. Evan asks whether he remembers the time that they found Tommy in the junkyard. Lenny barks out what Tommy had said "If you do anything, I'll kill your mother in her sleep!".

Evan realizes that by reading the entry leading up to a blackout, he can go back in time to that moment. Intrigued, he reads another passage in one of his journals leading up to Episode 3 above. He is thrown back to the moment where he and his friends are waiting for the mailbox to explode. Lost in the moment, the cigarette falls out of his mouth (which did not happen in the original Episode 3) and onto his shirt, burning him. A car pulls into the driveway of the house, and a mother and baby get out. Before heading inside, the mother decides to pick up the mail. The four watch in horror as the mother and child go to the mailbox and it explodes. While Evan, Kayleigh and Tommy run from the scene, Lenny is totally stunned and traumatized and has to be dragged away from the scene.

Back in present time, Evan finds that he has a new scar from the cigarette burn that he didn't have before. From this, it appears that what happens in the past can happen differently, depending on his actions. However, he is hesitant to continue investigating where his repressed memories may lead. He goes back to visit Kayleigh, who he apparently has not seen since he moved away at 13. After she leaves her job working in a diner, he meets her and starts questioning her about the past. Kayleigh reveals that when her parents split up, she had a choice to live with her father, or with her mother who lived out of town. As they were childhood friends, she chose to live with her father as she didn't want to move away (this ends up being important later). Evan then starts asking her about the time they made a movie with her father (a memory he has not revisited yet). She gets very upset, and he realizes that they were abused and forced to do a kiddie porn film, and she leaves him crying.

When Evan gets back to his dorm, he receives a message and learns that Kayleigh has killed herself. At this point he makes the active decision to go change the past. He reads the journal passage bringing him back to Episode 1 above. Kayleigh and Evan are in Mr. Miller's basement with costumes on and the video camera running. Mr. Miller instructs them to take off their clothes, but then Evan challenges Miller in an adult tone, saying that what he is doing will ruin his daughter's life and lead to her suicide. He adds that he should raise his daughter lovingly, and adds that he should discipline his son Tommy, as he is a sick person. This seems to convince Miller, who seems genuinely contrite and promises to change his ways.

Evan wakes up in present time to find himself in bed with Kayleigh. He then has new memories flooding back into him, as he has changed how everything developed because of that one instance. Kayleigh grew up not being abused by her father, and snuck away to meet him when he moved away. They started dating, and are now in college together. She is in a sorority, and in a humorous development, he is a stereotypical frat boy.

We see that his relationships are totally different, for example he runs into his roommate Thumper from the original timeline, who understandably as a punk-goth type has nothing to do with frat boy Evan. But, as a side effect, Evan also retains all of his old memories of the alternate timeline.

Life seems perfect for Evan as he is with Kayleigh, but we soon see the negative ramifications of his actions. Although Kayleigh grew up fine, Tommy became the object of Mr. Miller's wrath growing up. A confrontation involving Evan, Tommy, and a baseball bat ensues, in which Evan kills Tommy. Evan is sent to prison, and he manages to get possession of one of his journals so that he can change the past again. He reads the passage leading up to Episode 4.

Evan, Kayleigh and Lenny are just about to come upon Tommy. Evan realizes that they have to be prepared this time in order to change the past, so he picks up a shard of metal and gives it to Lenny, telling him to use it to "cut the rope" (to free his dog from the bag). However, during the confrontation with Tommy, he changes things himself, and convinces Tommy not to kill the dog. Just as Tommy puts down the stick, he is stabbed by Lenny with the metal shard and killed.

Evan then awakens in a very grim present drastically changed as a result of Tommy's death. Lenny is a permanently restrained patient in a psychiatric facility, and Kayleigh is a crack whore.

Evan realizes that he has to go back and change things once more. He goes back to Episode 2, and with the knowledge he now has, he speaks with his father about how he can change things. His father was institutionalized as he has the same "gift" that Evan has—and was diagnosed to be delusional. His father tells him that he can't play God, all this changing the past has to end here. Evan refuses and his father lunges at him, strangling him as the guards grab at him.

Back in the present, Evan then decides to go back to the pivotal moment in Episode 3.

Instead of watching the inevitable explosion, Evan runs out and shouts at the mother to get away from the mailbox. As he gets to the mailbox, it explodes and he is thrown back.

Evan wakes up in the present, and finds that his roommate in college is apparently a very well-adjusted and social Lenny. The downside: Evan does not have any arms, as they were amputated due to the injuries from the explosion. Other things have changed as well, Kayleigh is Lenny's girlfriend, and Tommy is a religious-preppy type, and they are all still best friends. Though he feels sorry for himself, he sees that everybody else is happier. He tries to kill himself, but fails when Tommy saves him. He then visits his mother in the hospital, who is dying of lung cancer. Apparently, in this timeline his mother started smoking again as a result of the dynamite accident. This convinces him to try to change the past again.

He goes back to Episode 1, and tries to kill too many birds with one stone. He grabs a candle, and the finds the stick of dynamite that is also in the basement. He tries to threaten Mr. Miller into not harming anyone, but this backfires, and he drops the lit stick of dynamite which explodes when Kayleigh picks it up.

Evan returns to the present as an institutionalized psychiatric patient. The incident involving Kayleigh's death led to a string of events culminating in Evan's present condition. As everything is wrong, and Kayleigh is dead, he has to try to change the past again. He storms in to see his doctor, and demands his journals. However, the doctor says that there are no journals. Rather, all of his memories are a delusional fabrication he has concocted as a result of his guilt over his role in Kayleigh's death. In this timeline, the chain of events he set off have resulted in him not keeping any journals. The doctor then comments that this is the same affliction that befell his father, and in the end his father kept asking to see an old photo album that never existed. This provides a clue to Evan, that there are other ways to change the past.

The next time he is in the doctor's office, his mother is also there. He asks his mother the old home videos they did when he was a child. She promises to bring them. As he is leaving, he hears the doctor recommend that he be transferred to another hospital soon, as his condition had worsen and he is now a terminal patient (a result of having accumulated the memories of many timelines in his brain), so Evan realizes that he doesn't have much time left.

We see Evan sneaking around in the institution at night, breaking into the doctor's office (back to the very first scene of the movie). Barricaded in the office, as he finishes his note he starts playing a projector with one of his mother's old home videos. The guards are breaking into the office, but the film works and he is thrown back into the past, before any of Episodes 1-4.

There is a backyard party with the first meeting between the young Evan and young Kayleigh. As they meet, Evan very deliberately whispers into Kayleigh's ear: "I hate you and if you ever talk to me, I'll kill you and your family". She runs away from him crying.

Back in the present, he finds Lenny is his roommate, and asks "Where's Kayleigh?", to which Lenny replies "Who's Kayleigh?". Not suprisingly, they never became friends in this timeline. He goes back to the diner where Kayleigh was working in an earlier timeline, but she never worked there. Evidently, she and her brother moved with their mother when their parents split up. Kayleigh, Tommy and Lenny have all turned out fine, given that none of Episodes 1-4 ever happened. Although he is not with Kayleigh, this is one life that Evan can accept, and he burns the journals.

Epilogue: "Eight years later". Evan is working in New York, talking on a cell phone with his mom. He passes by Kayleigh on the street, who does a double take as she passes by him—he does the same a moment later but misses her glance. It appears that although they were never together in this timeline, there is still some connection between them.

  英文名:The Butterfly Effect
导演/编剧:埃里克·布雷斯EricBressJ·麦凯伊·格鲁伯J.MackyeGruber   主演:   艾什顿·库奇AshtonKutcher饰埃文·泰瑞博   艾米·斯马特AmySmart饰凯勒·米勒   凯文·施密特KevinSchmidt饰少年兰尼   米罗娜·沃尔特斯MeloraWalters饰安德里亚·泰瑞博   凯文·杜兰德Kevin Durand饰狱友卡洛斯Carlos   原创音乐:Michael Suby   类型:剧情/科幻/惊悚   片长:114 Min   发行:新线NewLineCinema   上映日期:2004年1月23日

蝴蝶效应1(19张)我浑身冰凉,不可抑制地颤抖。我不知道为什么这部电影带给我这么大的震动,让我把它添加到了我喜欢的电影的第一位。也许是它踩中了我心中最柔软的那个角落,踩中了所有人,都想回到过去,改变历史,让一切变好的愿望。   主演埃文和他的“神经病”父亲一样,患有间歇性失忆症。他经常做出一些奇异的举动,比如无缘无故地拿起刀,吓坏她的母亲,自己又不记得。从小到大,埃文受到这种病症的折磨,他经受重大刺激的几次经历,都被他忘记了。看心理医生的时候,医生提供了一种方法给埃文的母亲来帮助埃文的记忆治疗,就是让他写日记。从此,埃文从一个几岁的孩子,一直写到长大。   在埃文的生活中,有几次不堪回首的经历。他的老师让他画出未来的时候,他不知道为什么画了一幅自己杀死两个人的血腥场面。这导致了他妈妈和老师的惊恐,他平生第一次看了心理医生,并开始写日记。他的母亲在一个周末,把他托付给了乔治——他青梅竹马的女孩的父亲。但是,谁也没想到,这个周末,永远地改变了埃文的生活轨迹。乔治对幼男有特别的“性趣”爱好,所以导致他多次猥亵儿子汤米,导致了他的女儿凯丽和儿子汤米从小就生活在一种压抑的环境中,性格扭曲,特别是汤米,基本就是个魔鬼。那个周末,乔治在地下室给两个7岁的孩子“拍电影”,埃文只记得他们被脱光了衣服,剩下什么都不记得。其实,他们那天像大人一样,拍摄了一场幼儿版“限制级片”,在一边观看的汤米几乎拧掉了手中娃娃的头。在这件事情以后,埃文全然不知地继续成长着。他的病症仍然没有好转,心理医生建议,把埃文带到精神病医院,看望他的父亲。但是不知道为什么,他的父亲发疯一样地差点掐死他。前来制服他父亲的保安,失手打死了他的父亲。埃文亲眼看见他的父亲,倒在了他的脚下,鲜血从他的头后渗出来。当他到少年的时候,俨然已经变成了颓废少年,在黑屋子里面抽烟,厮混。汤米有一天决定用炸药来试试兰尼的胆量,让他把点燃的炸药放进一栋别墅主人家前面的信箱里面。当炸药要爆炸的时候,埃文只记得自己用双手捂着凯丽的耳朵,剩下的记忆都不在了。当他再次清醒的时候,兰尼已经晕倒,大家都乱了,他根本不知道发生了什么。其实,在爆炸发生的那一刹那,别墅的女主人抱着婴儿来到了信箱旁边,婴儿的小手掀开了信箱,巨大的爆炸将母子炸得四分五裂。埃文,凯丽和汤米扭头就跑,而兰尼被吓得目瞪口呆,站在原地一动不动。这件事情发生以后,兰尼受了强烈的刺激,而埃文却什么都不知道。事件发生以后,凯丽被爸爸责打,安慰凯丽的埃文使得两个孩子的心越靠越近,他们的青涩一吻,被汤米逮个正着。汤米十分热爱他的姐姐,他努力保护着姐姐,不让自己该死的父亲碰她;同时,他痛恨任何夺走姐姐的男人。发疯的汤米决定报复,他把埃文的狗装进了麻袋里面,准备用大火烧成灰。看到浓烟赶来的埃文,凯丽被汤米用木棒打倒,偷偷绕到后面的兰尼无法打开捆死的绳子。最后,疯狂的汤米烧死了埃文的狗,凯丽和埃文坐在地上失声痛哭,而兰尼因为深深的自责,变得更加的性格脆弱。就这样,埃文的母亲搬家了,他们母子离开了这个伤心地。一段年少的爱情,就这样不了了之了。   离开后的埃文,考上了州立大学的心理系,加入了兄弟帮,过着普通男孩的生活。直到有一天,他看到了自己年少时候的日记,他晕倒了。他在晕倒的时候,看到了自己被烧死的狗,他回忆起了一些的细节,但是他想找到兰尼确认一下。没想到,兰尼仍然因为当年的事情而性格怪僻,无法释怀。他仍然记得当年汤米的警告,他一怒之下将埃文轰出房间,并在屋内大摔大砸。埃文确认了这件事情以后,开始努力回忆当年的事情,他回到曾经的小镇,找到了在一家小餐馆当服务生的凯丽,来确认7岁那个周末的事情。满心欢喜以为埃文来与自己再续前缘的凯丽被这个问题搞得神经崩溃,她瞬间失控,哭着跑回了家,只留下一个哭泣的背影和一句话:“既然你爱我,为什么这么多年不找我,把我丢在这里?!”埃文本来想放弃自己追回记忆的路,却没有料到伤心的凯丽在与汤米哭诉一小时后,自杀了。疯狂的汤米打电话到埃文的宿舍,告知他这个消息,并向他索命。无奈的埃文在惊愕的同时,唯一能做的,就是在凯丽的葬礼上,送上一束花,并把曾经写给凯丽的卡片“I will come back for you”(我会回来找你的)扔进了墓穴。

蝴蝶效应系列电影海报(16张)  伤心的埃文在回来看自己日记的时候,惊人地发现看日志的同时,他回到了过去。他回到了7岁的那个地下室,他激动的言辞使得凯丽的父亲被吓得目瞪口呆,那个限制级片子没有拍成。这个事情的改变,导致了埃文生活的重新来过。当他再次醒来的时候,凯丽成为了他的女友,睡在身边。一切似乎都变得非常美好,他和凯丽幸福地在大学里交往。当他决定向凯丽求婚的时候,出狱的汤米打乱了他们的计划。当年埃文改变了凯丽的父亲,所以他从未染指凯丽,把所有变态倾向加给了儿子汤米。汤米变得无可救药,进入了监狱。汤米嫉妒埃文可以得到一切,在深夜袭击了埃文,而早已有备而来的埃文用喷雾器喷坏了汤米的眼睛,愤怒的埃文疯狂地打着汤米:“没有你,兰尼就不会受刺激;没有你,我的生活就不会这样。”失控的埃文失手打死了汤米,导致了自己的监狱之灾。在监狱中,埃文设法让母亲找回自己的日记,他要改变过去。而他的日记被同性恋帮会的头目抢走了,他试图劝服自己的狱友,他可以改变过去。他当着狱友的面,念着日志,回到了过去,回到了小学的课堂上。他的老师要求他画自己的未来,他画出了杀人的场面。画完后,他当着老师的面,让便签针插进了双手。当他再次醒来,狱友发现他的手上凭空出现了两个疤痕,便相信了他。埃文进入同性恋头目的房间,将俩人杀死,并开始读日记。疯狂的小弟被冲进来的埃文狱友死死挡在门外,就在千钧一发的时刻,埃文回到了过去。   他回到了汤米杀死自己心爱的宠物狗的那个垃圾场,在过去之前,他找了个利器,能割开绳子。他把它递给了兰尼,告诉他一定要拿着这个东西,它一定有用。懦弱的兰尼相信了埃文。赶到现场的三个孩子看到了袋子中的狗,已经知道事情原委的埃文脱口而出:“汤米,我知道你一直保护你的姐姐,不让你的父亲和她单独在一起。”听到这句话的汤米,将小狗放出了袋子,而不知道用利器做什么的兰尼,用它杀了汤米!埃文的生活再次重来了,醒来以后的他,在神经病医院里,看到了被绑起来的兰尼,兰尼因为当年的事情,被当成神经病治疗到成为青年。绝望的兰尼在病床上,一字一顿地说出了:“躺在这里的应该是你。”他想起了凯丽,便回到小镇去找她,没想到自己心爱的女孩已经沦为妓女,并且吸毒成瘾。凯丽其实内心还爱着埃文,但是他根本不理解埃文为什么那么自信可以改变过去。伤心的凯丽兀自离开,让埃文痛哭流涕。自责的埃文再次打开了他的日记,他决定去找他的父亲,改变这个现状。他的父亲看出了儿子和自己一样的经历,奉劝他停下,不然可能会害死自己的母亲。此刻,以为自己是上帝的埃文根本听不进去父亲的话。他回到了爆炸的那天,当别墅主人靠近信箱的时候,他疯狂地冲上了前。失望的汤米喊着:“我来救你,女士”,将母子扑倒,信箱在埃文面前爆炸。   这次埃文醒来的时候,一切看似良好。埃文从他宿舍旁边的床上醒来,兰尼正在和女友做爱。埃文开心地伸了下懒腰,发现自己失去了两个前臂,变成了残疾人。惊愕的埃文发现兰尼的女友竟然是他心爱的凯丽!他这三个朋友,因为他的缘故改变了人生轨迹。他们被埃文努力战胜困难的精神感动了,兰尼变成了校园里有名的优秀学生,甚至汤米也因为救人英雄成为了好学生,他们三个生活幸福,而只有自己什么都没有了。此刻,埃文只想和自己心爱的凯丽多说几句话,当凯丽说出曾经爱着埃文,只是现在已经有事实了,她拥有了兰尼时,埃文决定自杀。碰巧赶来的汤米救了埃文,并带他去看他的母亲。埃文发现母亲患上肺癌,生命垂危。伤心的埃文明白是因为自己的残疾,母亲染上了烟瘾,得了肺癌,正如父亲所说,他杀了自己的母亲。埃文目光炯炯地告诉母亲:一切都会好的。惊愕的母亲在埃文的眼神中看到了他那个神经病父亲的影子。   埃文再次开始了他的日记之旅,他回到了7岁那个万恶的地下室。这次他决定了,要杀死引起一切祸端的乔治——凯丽,汤米的变态父亲。当他点燃了炸药的时候,乔治冲上来将炸药扔开,而凯丽以为是鞭炮,将炸药捡起,被炸死了。当埃文再次醒来的时候,自己已经住进了精神病医院。他的日记全部都被收了起来,他唯一能找到的就是曾经的录象。当他得知自己的父亲是用相册来改变过去的时候,他选择了这些最后的希望——录象。他把自己锁在偏僻的屋子中,在众多医生和保安的撞门下,写下了“遗言”,之后他看着录影带。从这里开始分成了四个不同版本。   四大版本   影片既将结束的时候,又回到了影片的开端:埃文跑进他的医生的办公室(此时他的日记不复存在),想通过家庭电影的画面最后一次改变历史。在这里,导演一共安排了四个结尾。   

导演版:生命开端时:埃文看到的家庭电影是埃文的母亲即将产下埃文,进入历史的埃文决定自己结束这一切,他用双手掐住了脐带,结束了自己刚要开始的生命,现实的生活中没有埃文,凯莉跟汤米被离婚后的一母亲监护,远离了那个变态父亲,自然也就没有了雷管事件。而这个时候埃文的父亲已经进入精神病院,所以结尾出现她的母亲抱着的小孩子,其实是他母亲再婚后生下的,旁白有说“在你出生前,我流产过三次”,是指之前流产的两个孩子和埃文。最后这个世界只剩下精神病院里的詹森(埃文的父亲)拥有这种能力了。   其实这个导演版结局才是原本剧本的最终结局,它使为爱而牺牲的主题更显崇高和伟大,而且更为凄美感人。但后来由于新线公司担心这个惊世骇俗的结局里情节和画面会引起部分公众和舆论的不安,因此最后公映时被改为现时剧场版的那个。   

剧场版:各自成长、各走各的人生路,是埃文看到的家庭电影是第一次认识凯莉的聚会,回到从前的埃文骂了凯莉,他与凯莉没有成为好朋友,凯莉跟汤米的监护权也由母亲得到。工作后的埃文在街上偶遇凯莉,但却没有相认。   另两个结局也是按剧场版的结局设定的,《蝴蝶效应》剧场版的另外一个结局: 尾随(55秒),埃文遇到凯利后,返身去追凯利。   《蝴蝶效应》剧场版弃用的大团圆结局:结识(53秒),是两个人相认。
  “当超自然因素在电影中被运用的时候,你一般可能有三种感觉:被毒蜘蛛狠狠咬了一口,被你在科学实验室工作的老爸嘲讽的盯着,或者从小就和这样第六感觉相依相偎,当然,我希望我们的电影能让观众有第三种感觉。”本片导演之一埃里克·布雷斯表示。   对于编剧出身的埃里克·布雷斯和J·麦凯伊·格鲁伯来说(大热惊悚片《绝命终结站》及其续集就是他们的剧本),《蝴蝶效应》是他们独立执导的第一部电影,这部电影从7年前就开始构思,终于在2002年开始在温哥华的大街小巷拍摄而成。   对于本片来说,由于一直在过去和现在的不同时间中跳跃,同时现实又出现了好几种不同的虚拟情况,因此影片的调和问题就显得十分重要,导演必须不停把握扮演同一角色各个时期的不同演员的表现,以把握人物性格和形象上的前后一致。“真正操作起来比我们事先想的还要困难,”制片人克瑞斯·班德说,“我们有12个演员来演4个角色的三个不同时期,机会似乎一直在和我们作对,好在演艺之神看起来没有放弃我们。”   为了更加真实可信的展现埃文的时间旅行所造成的现实转变,同时也为了让这部头绪众多的影片看起来更加清晰明了,两位导演付出了巨大的努力,6年来他们一直在改写和完善剧本,以至于真正开拍之后,不管多么复杂次序安排他们都已经清楚的铭记在心。“我们清楚这个大迷宫的每一条小路,那是因为在拍摄之前对每一个镜头处理,拍摄次序乃至细节,都经过了几百次的讨论。”两位导演说,“不过,我们也觉得,能够将超现实主义和现实主义结合起来是一种技术,这能够给导演充分的空间来处理那些富有挑战性的情况。”   在技术处理的方面,为了能够将各部分划分更加清晰明白,导演在影片各个不同的虚拟现实部分使用了不同的色调。并为此特别邀请了著名摄影师马修·拉内蒂掌镜。他们尝试了柯达所能提供的各种胶片来展现现实世界的不同变化,采取了包括经典黑白片,黑色电影和蓝调彩色在内的多种色彩感觉的表现形式。拉内蒂说:“也许我们的摄影技术不是最正统的,但对这部妙趣横生的电影来说,也许恰恰是一个优势。”他的确在电影中使用了许多非常规镜头,比如手持镜头,倾斜拍摄,一些变速运动镜头和小景深镜头等等,并希望这些镜头能够展现出男主角埃文在时间中穿行对未来和现实都全无把握的心情和感受。   除了富有结构性的剧情外,好莱坞当红炸子鸡艾什顿·库奇出演男主角,将成为本片可预见的票房保证。这位好莱坞新贵帅哥最近人气极佳,刚刚被评为“2003年度好莱坞最有人气新星”,并被传言将可能与绯闻女友老牌女星黛米·摩尔一起重新演绎著名影片《毕业生》。   谈到自己的这部新片,艾什顿认为,这样的人物是他所未尝试过的方向,同时不断切换的时空对他的表演也的确是个考验,为了更好的把握角色的心态和感觉,他特意去阅读了心理学著作,特别那些有关选择性失忆的研究。“我想知道人们到底如何逃避那些让他们痛不欲生的感觉,”艾什顿解释说,“那和埃文做的一样。”   对于大部分观众来说,《蝴蝶效应》这部影片应该算是一部幻想片甚至是一部冒险片,但扮演女主角的凯勒的艾米·斯马特却觉得这归根到底还是一部爱情片。她说:“我们一起象坐过山车一样在不同感情模式和诡异场景中一掠而过,仿佛这是个伟大旅程,凯勒和埃文不过是一对再平凡不过情侣,他们只是想要让彼此幸福,想要尽力跟上过去和现实的变化,真正让我感动的是他们真的相信彼此,不关发生了怎样天塌地陷的不可思议变化。”

  这部电影有着最精妙的一个构思。而这个构思最精妙的设想是:给我们提供了一次又一次的反悔的机会。没有任何人会对自己的人生完全满意。所以,这部电影的最基础的设置,关于重来一次甚至多次的假想将给我们带来许多虚妄的幻想和无穷尽的渴望。如果可能的话,我不去犯那样的错误,也许,我的人生会不会变得更美好一些呢。就在这样的假设下,我们可以像男主角埃文一样面对着一个可选择的人生,而如果真的可以这样的话,一切又将变得如何呢。这种虚构的妄想仅仅只能停留在幻想里而已,或者停留在电影里。而这部电影将告诉我们的是,其实,就算真的有一个这样的机会的话,一切,也许并不如同我们所想像的那样美好。这部电影的剧情设置锁定在现在,而所能改变的是过去的某些对于人生来说很重要的一些集结点上。改变的方式通过埃文记忆里对于那些点上已经丧失了的记忆;读着自己童年时代所写的那些日记,然后再回过头来回忆,以自己所希望的方式组建起那些点上的记忆,之后的记忆会因为这个点上的改变而全部重建。   从集结点上到现在的发展历程被省略,直接从那个点上跳回到现在。于是我们在电影里所看到的,就有如佛家所说的因果,只是佛家必须经过轮回几世的因果却在埃文的这一世里全部发生了。假设人的一生发展的过程是一条连贯的直线的话,此因则彼果,环环相扣。可是如果我们去改变之前的某个点上已经发生的事情,那么因为这个点而改变了的人生会因为连锁反应而改变后面的许多点,更多的被改变的点,点点相扣将被改写的将是一整段的人生。也因此,整个人生将变得彻底不同。这也是混沌理论在这部电影里最基础的根本。连锁性的蝴蝶效应和现实与过去不停地跳跃轮回。环环相扣又不可逆转的征途,就这样在这部电影里展开了。在电影里可以有无限多的可能性。可是把所有这些可能性都映射到现实和人生里去,电影依旧必须遵循现实发展应有的规律来发展剧情,这样才能让电影的剧情那无数的可能性变得让人信服。这部电影所略过的种种是所有那些可能性被更改了之后其漫长的发展历程。于是我们所能看到的是埃文改变了那种种的可能性之后最直接的结果。面对一个有着无限可能性的人生,如何去选择呢。之后的人生以及之前已经变成历史的人生。抱着无限美好的愿望去修正自己的人生以及身边所有的人跟着也将变得更美好的人生。我们的所有过错都将被修正过来,可是这样的结果到底是更好呢,或者并不那么美好呢。   基于一个完美主义者的疯狂,埃文所要做的是,在他记忆模糊的那些集结点上建起他应有的记忆。而这些记忆建起了之后,他之后的记忆将因为蝴蝶效应而全部被改写。于是他的人生也就跟着不停被改写。这也是电影里的那个脑科医生对于埃文病情的诊断:人的记忆储存在大脑皮层里,而埃文的病是因为大脑皮层被压迫损坏之后,从那里开始重建他的记忆,而他的整个大脑皮层总在不停地被重建。这也是这部电影对于埃文所遭遇的一切最科学合理的解释吧。在埃文本身看来,他的人生可以用他的方式去不停地修正改变,而在其他人看来,他仅仅只是不停地重建自己大脑皮层里的记忆。埃文最终在看着他降生的时候父亲给他录的影像的时候,在他的记忆里,他把自己杀死在了母亲的胎腹中。电影给我们展现了很多美好的景像。在埃文死于母亲胎中之后,他的朋友们都健康地成长,都有一个美满的人生。[1]编辑本段蝴蝶效应Ⅱ
导演:约翰·R·莱昂耐迪 John R. Leonetti   编剧:麦克尔·D·维斯 Michael D. Weiss   主演:吉娜·赫尔顿 Gina Holden   埃里克·里夫利 Eric Lively   马尔科姆·斯图尔特 Malcolm Stewart   埃莉卡·杜兰斯 Erica Durance   JR·波恩 JR Bourne   达斯汀·米利甘 Dustin Milligan   林赛·麦克斯维尔 Lindsay Maxwell   类型:剧情 / 科幻 / 恐怖;片长:92分钟;国家/地区:美国;对白语言:英语   制作公司:新线电影公司(美国)   FilmEngine(美国)   发行公司:新影线 New Line Home Video   上映日期:2006年10月10日 美国

  尼克/艾瑞克·莱弗利 Eric Lively   出生於1981年7月31日,父亲是知名的演员兼制片,母亲则是重量级艺人经纪,家中的其他三个兄弟姐妹也都是略具知名度的艺人,出生在这样的演艺世家,艾瑞克两岁时就已经是个童星,但他却一心只想成为成功的摄影师。15岁毕业自加州艺术中学后,他独自搬到纽约,进入帕森设计学院主修摄影,也担任兼职模特儿。不过他出色的外型仍然吸引了许多选角导演的目光,最后他还是搬回了洛杉矶,展开幕前的演艺生涯。2005年,他加入话题女同志影集「The L Word」演出阵容,更是受到各方瞩目。

蝴蝶效应的壁纸(10张)  茱莉亚/爱瑞卡?杜兰斯 Erica Durance   出生於1978年6月21日,中学毕业之后,她离开加拿大阿尔贝塔省(Alberta)的家乡,前往温哥华发展演艺事业。早期她主要在低成本恐怖片中演出,也在一些科幻电视影集中偶尔露脸。2005年,她得到电视版「超人前传(Smallville)」影集的演出机会,担任相当重要的超人女友女主角露易丝(Lois),随著「超人前传」的持续播出,爱瑞卡的知名度也跟著水涨船高。蝴蝶效应2是她的第一部剧情长片作品,她在片中变化多端的表现,势必将为她带来又一波事业的高潮。
  John Robert Leonetti, 约翰·R·莱昂耐迪(另译约翰·罗伯特·李昂尼),提好莱坞知名摄影师,曾经掌镜的电影作品包括金凯瑞喜剧代表作《摩登大圣》、搞笑大王莱斯里尼尔森卖座搞笑作品《终极笑探》、清新感人的《傻乔历险记》、动作场面精采刺激的《魔蝎大帝》、以及洁西卡·艾巴主演的青春洋溢舞蹈电影《蜜糖第一名》。摄影风格千变万化,尤其擅长掌握快速运动的韵律。其中《魔宫帝国》是他首度执导演筒的作品,《蝴蝶效应2》是他的第二部剧情长片。

尼克在一次车祸中失去了自己的好友特雷弗和自己的未婚妻朱莉。事后,尼克悲痛欲绝。而且在那次事故以后,尼克也常常感到头痛。1年以后,尼克发现当只要他看到过去的照片,他的头就会特别的痛而且好像自己要陷入其中一样。   一次,尼克在电脑上浏览以前的照片,他的头痛又开始发作了。可这一次他竟然回到了1年前事故当天,因为他知道即将发生的交通事故,所以尼克制止住了事故。等尼克醒来的时候,他发现自己已经和朱莉生活在一起了。尼克这才发现原来那起事故以后,他能回到过去,通过改变过去的某些细节以此改变未来。可是,生活并不像他想的那样顺心,尼克被公司开除了。而朱莉也只有靠给别人整理照片赚取微薄的收入,尼克再一次陷入困境。

所以,尼克又一次回到了过去。这一次,由于他搞定了Strike Line公司的合同,尼克成为了公司的副总裁。生活上尼克可以算得上是衣食无忧。但是,他却失去了自己的最爱朱莉。尼克有些绝望了,他一次次地回到过去,每次都尽全力拯救一切,但是他每次都搞砸。他决定最后回一次过去,让事情都变得好起来。   这一次,尼克从一开始就拒绝了朱莉。伤心的朱莉开车走了。尼克也开车追了出去,但是意外发生了,为了保护朱莉,尼克开车冲出了悬崖。可是尼克没有白死,在这之后一切都按照有利的方向进行。

  ◎译 名 蝴蝶效应3:启示   ◎片 名 Butterfly Effect Revelation   ◎年 代 2009   ◎国 家 美国   ◎类 别 剧情/幻想/科幻/惊悚   ◎语 言 英语   ◎字 幕 英文/西班牙文   ◎片 长 90 Min   演职人员   ◎导 演 Seth Grossman   ◎主 演 蕾切尔·敏纳 Rachel Miner   克里斯·卡马克 Chris Carmack ....Sam Reed   Daniel Spink ....Sullivan   Sarah Neubauer ....Secretary   Linda Boston ....Landlady   Shawntay Dalon ....Secretary   Chantel Giacalone ....Anita Barnes   Sonya A. Avakian ....Meredith   Michael Place ....Young Sam   Richard Thorne ....Lonnie Flennins   Trevor Callaghan ....Josh   Tom Stewart ....Police Officer   Michael Ellison ....Assailant   Ken Day ....Police Officer   LaKesha Taylor ....Secretary   Catherine Towne ....Young Jenna
  主人公在高中时曾经交过一个女朋友,然而不幸的是,女友后来却离奇死亡,没人知道当时到底发生了什么。这件事成了主人公的心病,使其一直对此念念不忘。某天,主人公突然发现自己竟然拥有了穿越时空的能力,于是随后他利用这种超能力,回到过去进行调查,没想到原来凶案与一个邪恶的连环杀手有关……   电影开头的时候,医生说:SAM不听劝阻打破规则回去救了妹妹JENNA,却害死了自己的父母。由此从分析电影一开始,电影所展现出的SAM的生活就已经违反过一次规则了,不属于他应该有的最原始的生活。   由此我们想像还原一下,电影没有展现出来的SAM最原始的生活状态:   大火发生了(先不讨论是谁放的火),SAM和父母逃离了火海,JENNA却意外被烧死(正常状态JENNA是被烧死的)。SAM与女友幸福的生活,结婚,生女,为了纪念他的妹妹,他的女儿取名也叫JENNA。然而有一天,当SAM发现了自己有超能力,他求助医生帮助,这样SAM第1次使用超能力回到火灾了当晚,他成功挽救妹妹了JENNA的生命。

可意外的是父母却在大火中丧生,SAM很沮丧但只能接受现实。但他没有想到的是,因为火灾,妹妹被救,才会出现感情错位,爱上了哥哥(这一点在电影最后JENNA的话语中可以看出)。   生活在非常规的状态下继续。SAM遇上了REBACCA,并爱上了她(电影没有展现)。同样拥有超能力的JENNA为了阻止哥哥和女友的恋情,利用超能力回到过去杀死了REBACCA。REBACCA当时已与SAM的朋友LONNE相好,当晚父母不在家,REBACCA打电话叫LONNE过去,结果LONNE被当作杀人疑犯关了十年。   SAM然后又爱上了很多女孩,JENNA发现后,一次又一次违反规则回到过去赶在SAM之前杀了她们,所以这些女孩,在被改变了生活常态之后的SAM是不会认识她们的。(电影最后SAM说那些女孩都是陌生人,可JENNA说SAM之所以陌生是因为她赶在了他的前面干掉了她们。)   案件一直持续没有破案,SAM一直关注REBACCA的案件。直到LONNE被执行死刑前一天,REBACCA的妹妹拿着日记本来找SAM请求他回到过去,帮助LONNE翻案。   SAM终于忍不住良心的驱使,第2次动用超能力回到过去REBACCA被杀的那个晚上。JENNA也追随着SAM又一次回到那个晚上,SAM让ELISABATH留在车里,想去看谁杀死了REBACCA。这样,第一次超时空回去的JENNA杀了REBACCA。而在屋外,跟着SAM回去的JENNA因为憎恨ELISABATH去找她哥哥回去寻凶,在车里杀了ELIZABATH。   生活再一次被改变。LONNE看到SAM在,所以那晚没有进去,没有受到怀疑,免过牢狱之灾。而SAM由于有JENNA的伪证,也摆脱了诉讼,却一直被警察怀疑。SAM与LONNE成了老朋友,在与SAM的一次酒后驾车中,LONNE失去了双腿。

蝴蝶效应3剧照(9张)  生活其实在继续,这一次,个人分析可能SAM并没有与第三个受害者发生感情。SAM想要真正的找到真凶,于是他返回第三个受害者的受害现场。SAM躲在衣柜里偷看了一段情色表演,对现实没有什么影响。等他回到现实,却发现,JONNE是第三个受害者,这就是JENNA所为。   其实,JENNA与SAM同时返回了那天晚上,不过她修正了她那晚的行动,她回去杀了JONNE。原因是:第二次跟随SAM超越回去的JENNA,在车里杀死ELIZABATH的时候,她看到了JONNE正好开车经过,为了灭口,也为了不与SAM在第三个受害者那里相遇,她选择了杀JONNE。   SAM心情沮丧的去酒吧喝酒,他邀请酒吧女约会,酒吧女却已嫁人。因为SAM与酒吧女的对话,尾随的JENNA杀死了酒吧女。SAM再次被捕。这里其实有点错误,因为这是在现在,而JENNA在现在应该不能杀人,否则自己会被捕。因警察没有掌握SAM的其他案件在场证据,JENNA成功保释SAM出来。   生活又一次被改变了。医生有太多的证据证明JENNA在那些凶案现场,(这点可以在结尾JENNA和SAM的对话中看出)医生准备将证据提交警方。JENNA杀了医生。SAM回到医生被杀的地点,却意外被警察逮捕。   这次SAM不再那么容易出去了。他只能用记忆中警察与妻子的第一次见面的情形,取得警察的信任,出狱几小时。JENNA为了阻止SAM再次穿越时空,在床上放了能治人昏厥的鲜花。   SAM强忍意识,再次回到医生被杀的现场,却遇到了赶来杀医生的妹妹。SAM与妹妹的对白揭开了谜题。SAM回到过去的火灾之中,把妹妹锁在房中,使她死在了火海之中...   而之后他回来发现,他已经与女友结了婚,并有一个女儿,女儿的名字叫JENNA(与他妹妹同名)。在烧烤聚会中,女儿JENNA将娃娃放在烧烤架上,看着因燃烧而面目全非的娃娃,面露微笑(此处暗示1.SAM的女儿继承了SAM回到过去的能力,她回到过去放火将JENNA烧死,自己得以出生 2。SAM的女儿就是JENNA的化身。)   这样就解释了房子发生的火灾其实就是SAM的女儿回去放的火。

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The Butterfly Effect
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